Winter Weather = Good Days to Work Hard Indoors!

| February 9, 2017 | 0 Comments

After taking advantage of the couple of unseasonably warm and pleasant days at the beginning of the week by spending as much time outdoors as we could, we wrapped up the week with lots of work inside where it’s cozy and warm. We continued to decorate our classroom with pretty flowers, cutting their stems and arranging them in vases, and we began to add some colorful hearts to the walls and windows, too, to get ready for Valentine’s Day next week! In our academic work, we continued to play Language games with the Sandpaper Letters to help us isolate and identify sounds for spelling. And we turned our focus to math, too, quantifying materials (like the spindles in the Spindle Boxes, and the Numbers and Counters), and matching those quantities with their numerals.


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