We’re all ears! (Children’s House 2)

| March 9, 2017 | 0 Comments

This week we’ve been sharpening our listening skills, in all kinds of ways! We’ve added a “news period” to our morning circle time, and we are practicing listening carefully to our friends who have something interesting they want to share. We think carefully about the news we’ve just heard, raise our hands, and ask interesting “follow up” questions, before taking a turn at sharing our own news. We’ve also been enjoying a minute or two of meditation each day, where we close our eyes and sit as still as we can, to listen for the tiniest of sounds around us. (It’s fun to catch all the little noises we otherwise don’t notice in our busy day!) And of course we’ve continued to hone our reading and writing skills, listening carefully to identify the sounds we hear in words, and the sounds each letter makes!


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