New Construction Week 12

| September 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

All of our kitchen appliances have been delivered, waiting to be installed. We also have received our shipment of under counter refrigerators, one for each classroom. Every classroom will have it’s own thermostat, insuring everyone’s comfort. The last of the ceiling tiles have been installed and all of the cabinet doors have received their hardware.
Outside the final sections of the playground fencing have been installed and six inches of mulch have been laid down on the entire surface of both playgrounds. We are planning a special outdoor Montessori play environment. Interactive activities which highlight censorial development as well as gross motor use are being constructed. Stay tuned for more updates! We are nearly finished.


Ceiling Tiles Installed


Microwave in Kitchen


Kitchen Refrigerator


Kitchen Oven


Children’s House 2 Sinks and Bathroom

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