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Hello, Hola and Merhabah

from our class.

We want to welcome Efe our new friend from Turkey.

What an exciting week we have had. In our Practical Life Unit we are learning about Grace and Courtesy. We learned all about saying please and thank you, and learning how to greet each other. In our  Sensorial Unit we are learning to develop our senses with the pink stacking towers as well as the brown stairs and color tablets. During Art and Expression unit we created peacocks with blue and green construction paper, gluing them onto a blue painted plate adding elements to make a peacock .In Language art time we are learning to develop their oral and written and visual perception skills. We began this by  letter perception with letters in their names. The children did name tracing in the sand and beginning sounds. At math time we are learning association of numerals. We re starting with set of 1-10. We also used the spindle box as well as counting cards. In Geography and culture children chose to work on the Continent of Asia. We are learning all about the flag of India. We learned about the lotus flower of India and how to grow rice. Durinf reading time we read Diwali The Road to India , and Mina Goes to India. For special activities we tasted curry rice and tea. We have music class on Tuesday and Yoga on Thursday.


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